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In our mission to be a home for Black theatre artists in Los Angeles, Black Rebirth Collective's programmatic offerings focus on building and maintaining a safe space for Black artists to take artistic risks. BRC offers programs that are insistent upon amplifying Black voices and putting the marginalized in the driver's seat of their own storytelling.

What We Offer

Black Background

Be Real Chile

Be a ResourCe

The BRC supports and offers a space for new and established writers to work on and present their works.


The BRC is a collective that thrives on community and ancestral leadership. Be a ResourCe are roundtable series where we can sit at the feet of those who have walked the path.


Bold Resilient & Carefree

The BRC is a space to come and just try it. To take the LEAP! Like comics have a space to stand up and try out their material, The BRC is that space for actors.

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