About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Black Rebirth Collective is to create a safe space for BIPOC artists, with a strong focus on Black Women, to nurture and support their artistic success through trainings, readings, or productions, while remaining rooted in the cultural expression that is found throughout the African diaspora.

Our Purpose

BRC is a theatre collective committed to the development of Black artists, the Black arts community, and the freedom of Black artistry.  Our commitment to honest, three dimensional storytelling drives our scholarly approach to the works we offer and our passionate investigation both of the text and of the craft of theatre. We are committed to the aesthetic beauty of the African diaspora. BRC always aspires to thrill the senses with an honest display of the strength and fragility of our history and culture through the mining of Black works.

Meet The Team

Advisory Board


Yvette Nicole Brown


Sterling K. Brown


Kelly McCreary


Marcus Gardley


Wren T. Brown